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PURIFY “DETOX” PASTE Mineral & Pure Peppermint Masque

PURIFY “DETOX” PASTE Mineral & Pure Peppermint Masque

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Serum Potency  "Skin Detox" Masque Therapy 

A must try, Miracle in a jar! Not kidding! Pollution Particles wreak havoc on your skin. My "Skin Detox Therapy" is brilliant at any age to transform your skin's brightness + clarity + freshness. Beyond "deep pore" cleansing, this is a "Skin Detox" ritual created to pull toxins & pollution particles not just out of pore/follicles but from your skins surface tissue. A mineral softening formula stunning for its ability to transform every skin type with its list of benefits and your desire for gorgeous skin. 
  • Visible skin will Radiate a Fresh Glow & Brightness
  • Revitalizes dull skin
  • Restores skin's clarity
  • Visible reduces pore/follicle size
  • As an overnight "spot" treatment, greatest disappearing act ever!
  • Dramatically reduces bumps and uneven texture
  • Ultra-concentrated mineral rich bentonite clay leaves a Silky feel
  • Detoxifies skin by lifting off "film" build ups
  • Improves active ingredients penetration 
  • Vanishes impurities, white/black heads
  • Prevents their recurrence 
  • Eliminates & Prevents breakouts 
  • Vital partner to any Acne program
Use: 1 - 3 x's a week. Immediately after Skin Breather. Apply generously to: entire face or T-Zone or areas effected by breakouts. Avoid close to eyes due to active pure peppermint.. Let sit 8-15 minutes, rinse. Secret Weapon: at night just before bed, dab a generous dollop over any "monsters" leave on overnight for a fabulous disappearing act.
Note from Leaine: Extremely active formula. We have witnessed for years with my Spa Professional Facials it's ability to transform skin. It's truly a game changer for every age & skin type.