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Nano Mineral Skin Cocktail

Nano Mineral Skin Cocktail

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Nano (micro-molecules) is an incredible delivery system allowing penetration of powerful natural minerals deep within the skin.We have heard about being mineral deficient and minerals contribute to a visible change of youthful, glowing, and vibrant skin. Not to mention Nano Silver Solution Mineral Cocktail affects on skin sensitivities and eruptions. Unfortunately, in skin care minerals are such a large molecule, penetration into skin is virtually impossible, (why they make a great "full" coverage makeup).Now with the modern technology of Nano molecules, enabling deep penetration of precious minerals your skin has been craving.
  • Nano technology minerals nourish skin deep within
  • Pure mineral infusion for skin health 
  • Visibly revives your skins fibro-blast network of collagen & elastin production
  • Visibly firms & tightens skin
  • Visibly brightens skin tone
  • Visibly improves skin redness & sensitivities
  • Visibly clears & calms skin eruptions
Use: Rise & Rest, your first step after cleansing. 1 - 2 pumps in hands, rub around to distribute and pat on to face, around eyes, neck, and decolletage'. Will absorb in seconds. Continue with Future Youth, Moisture Enter-Lock, and M.D.R. Cream.
A missing (until now) vital step in recovering a skin healthy appearance.