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Moisture Enter-Lock

Moisture Enter-Lock

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Activates Humectant System Multiplies Moisture 

Moisture Enter-Lock revolutionizes skin hydration by both supplying & multiplying water molecules + binds & holds hydration molecules for 24 hours leaving your skin hydrated by nights end. This amazing "liquid" creation mimics your skin’s lipid & water molecules. Surges moisture  deep within your skin for 24 hours! Applied prior to your moisture Cream, spray on let it all soak in. Now you have something to “seal” in other then tap-water!
This moisture activator adds humectants, (moisture magnets), and activates the humectant system in Leaine's serum, masque & moisturizer formulas. This intense formula binds to humectant molecules to multiply the skins water source. 
  • Increases hydration at a deeper level. Profound to skin health
  • Visibly begins to reveal glowing hydrated skin 
  • Revolutionary in thought and results!
  • Creates water supplies & hydrates the epidermis for 24 hours
  • Cocoon's skin in a moisture "habitat"
  • Potassium enriched 
  • Visibly reduces skin redness
  • Visibly reduces skin sensitivities
Twice a day. Rise & Rest. Spray over face & neck or into hands. Pat into skin and around eyes. Apply before face or body cream. Amazing recover for crepe body skin, especially arms & legs. Spray into damp hair at ends before applying other hair leave ins.
 I create necessary & unique approaches to skin health.
Enjoy, Leaine