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Prone-Zone Serum

Prone-Zone Serum

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A power force to help quickly clear areas prone to breakouts, monthly flare-ups, and overall blemishes. Salicylic acid unclogs and purifies each pore deep down. With the help of nature Tea-Tree, Wild Thyme, and Red Algae anti-bacterial, skin protecting, and clarifying support. Brilliant in recovering clear skin in hot summer months and traveling. Customized your individual needs.
  • Recovers a clear complexion
  • Visible eliminates breakouts
  • Prevents skin irruption from reoccurring
  • Perfect to prevent & recover monthly flare-ups
  • Recovery treatment during body detoxing & diet changes
To Un-do: Rise & Rest apply where needed. Let set about 60 seconds before applying other products in your daily routine. Example: order of use, skip to next step for products you may not have yet.
Daily Routine 1 - 3 minutes twice a day
  • Cleanse and pat dry
  • Prone Zone
  • Nano Silver Mineral Skin Cocktail
  • Moisture Enter-Lock increases water hydration, decreases oil production
  • M.D.R.11 (Maximum Daily Requirement) 
  • Sun Defender (non-greasy AM protection)
Experience: Years of testimonies as a must have favorite. Whether you use in your Daily Routine, monthly, occasional breakout, summer or travel time. Prone Zone works customized to your needs.