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"I do not have a desire to change the history of skincare but, to create a new one! I did not set out to create another skincare line, I created what was missing in skincare; Potent Formula's Capable of Results + Correction + Transformation!  Because the choices you make today, become your results tomorrow". ~ Leaine 

After years in R & D (Research & Development) in the concept of active ingredients with Nano & Liposome Delivery Technology, and my persuasion in  skin moisturizing instilling a better way of hydration vs. lubrication. I set out to choose the right lab to produce my skincare system. In the start of my journey, I was turned down by 5 labs who all told me at the time, "I would waste their time as no one has committed to such a cost to produce this kind of skincare delivery system" Anyone who knows me, stopping was not an option, I kept searching and about a year later, found a lab who understood my vision & purpose. As you continue reading my journey you will understand why I could not compromise!

For years I’ve witnessed our willingness without hesitation to spend money on skincare due to curiosity and hope of its performance. As a researcher I was committed to find the why in the lack of results (hope deferred). This why came from my own frustration of limited results even with professional skincare. When two of my cherished client’s both battling cancer the same time, I witnessed the side effects to their skin and the appearance of aging skin in acceleration. Nothing seemed potent enough to get ahead of the negative changes happening to their skin. I had my chemists make an extra batch of my formulas fresh out of Research & Development in hopes of helping my client's immediate needs. We were all astonished and blessed with their skins turn around! My discovery to the why in the lack of results, was not as much in the ingredients, it was the percentage level of active ingredients establishing my formulas.. I found the 1st of my why…. Potency Capable of Results + Correction + Transformation! Because the choices you make today, become your results tomorrow.



My Brand is uniquely created using both organics & science + highly potent skin health formulas with a radical difference in Liposome Delivery Science which changes your skin’s capacity to absorb ingredients changing the way your skin responses. With a propensity to rewrite the “norm” in a skincare system, I do not have a desire to change the history of skincare, but to write a new one.

As a woman, helping women find their voice again. To join forces in women’s health issues, and the fight we will have victory with in in the Sex Trade violence against women. Empowering women, empowers the earth!



I had a vision & a dream and gumption knowing I believe I could so I would. Women entrepreneurs were the exception and every loan application turned down as I was "unmarried" without a counter co-signer as "collateral". I am a woman who "Dares Greatly." I found my voice & courage to get in the center ring and fight the good fight for all I believe in and for! I have taken the hits, pursued the healing and come back stronger each time. I stand unmovable in my persuasion's and honor others in their's. I crave & seek understanding, why I research with unending passion. It was my frustration I used to catapult my faith, that I could create my believes in skin health formula's after years of thinking.... what the hell, this isn't working! Over 3 decades of stunning growth cycles has proven, you tried it, saw the results and now Believe in what I Believe. Age Stunningly, 

 LeAine Dehmer