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Moist Wanted Rescue Elixir $85.00 - $120.00

Moist Wanted Rescue Elixir $85.00 - $120.00

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 A moisture elixir to radically boost skin hydration. An intense natural herbal blend to balance oil/lipid ratios to a suppressed dry lackluster skin. Supplies nourishment and oxygenation to the deeper layers of the skin tissue to visibly bring a Healthy Glow to your skin. Helps combat stresses to the skin from environmental assaults, diet, medication, etc… Extremely soothing to skin, reduces florid reddened skin, minimizes inflammation and broken capillaries, soothes eczema and rosacea.
  • Revitalize skins circulation & metabolism
  • Stimulates cellular regeneration & repair
  • Mega blast of skin nourishment
  • Visibly increases oxygenation to skin tissue causing a Dewy Glow
  • Visibly boost hydration 
  • Balances skins-water/lipid/oil ratio
  • Visibly calms skin stresses
  • Visibly softens the appearance of deepened wrinkles
Use: Rise & Rest as a "Moisture Booster" add 5 - 6 drops into a dime sized amount of M.D.R. Moisturizer, mix together in palm of hand, apply all over.         
Directly on skin: 1st apply Future Youth, Moisture Enter-Lock then Moist Wanted. Finish with M.D.R. Moisturizer.
Experience: .As a hydration booster when added into a moisture cream. Can be used in place of a cream for those who like it natural.