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Maximum Daily Requirement MDR 11 Lipid Lotion

Maximum Daily Requirement MDR 11 Lipid Lotion

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 This luxury Lipid + Humectant Lotion delicately melts into your skin absorbing in seconds. Gloriously balances, nurturing, and protecting your skin all day. Brilliant for your active lifestyle, supports skin health and aging demands. With it's intelligent humectant system, adapts globally in any environment you live or travel. A luxury delivery liposome formula of vitamins A, C, and E, Beta-Carotene & Superoxide Dismutase complex (protects against skin damage, free radicals & environmental assaults). With over 25 active ingredients, this cream is a life force to viably sustain & reduce the signs of aging for ageless skin.



  • Visible reduces existing signs of aging 
  • All natural herbal cocktail with anti-bacterial remedy for hotter weather climates
  • Visibly balances a higher oil ratio skin’s 
  • Liposome Delivery System for optimal results
  • Increases collagen in skins tissue
  • Firms skins fibroblast network for a visible lifting action
  • Visible reduces redness & sensitivities
5-in-1 treatment cream for
  1. Eyes
  2. Face
  3. Neck 
  4. Decolletage
  5. A Day & Night cream
Application: ALWAYS start with LeAine's water soluble Kind Cleansing Method.  The first of their kind that leave no invisible residues, the leading cause of confused skin!
Experience: For intense problem solving also use Prone Zone (clear skin remedy) and Purifying Paste Masque.