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Kind Cream Lipid Cleansing Method

Kind Cream Lipid Cleansing Method

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Perhaps the most brilliant cleansing method ever created! This hand-crafted all natural creamy serum cleansing method is one of a Kind. Infused with lipids to gently detoxify and rebalance your skin's vital lipid barrier. Protect your skin's own healthy environment by not disturbing the acidic pH balance or lipid barrier, gently detoxes using seaweed known for its extraordinary benefits of calming stressed skin (anti-inflammatory), is a natural anti-bacterial agent, packed with amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

You will experience a marvelous conditioning effect as my Kind Cleanser is saturated with Phospholipids, a major component of all cell membranes usually stripped away in the cleansing process. My Kind cleansing method leaves no invisible residues, a "toner" will never have to disturb or dry your skin! Enjoy the kindness!
  • Completely water soluble, no harsh drying toner will ever again need to touch your skin
  • Fortifies & rebuilds your skin's lipid barrier every time you Kind Clease
  • Gentle for the most sensitive skin
  • Leaves your skin fresh and softened
  • You will love to start and end each day with it's natural citrus scent.
To Use: Un-do the assaults against your skin using when you Rise and when you Rest every day. When you Rest cleanse twice when removing makeup. Ultra-concentrated, use about the size of a raspberry, add a few drops of water.
Experience: You'll experience an amazing softening effect due to the high potency of Phospholipids. Use with my natural cellulose sponges. They won't pull or tug your skin like washcloth's or tissue.