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Focus Blend Rescue Elixir $85.00

Focus Blend Rescue Elixir $85.00

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Stunningly decreases overly active oil production! Designed to balance skin's water/lipid/oil ratio of a confused combination skin "type". Brings correction to even more confusing, oilier complexions with visible dry flakey surface skin. Helps restore your skin to a "normal" skin "type". This balancing act will bring visible clarity and radiance for skin health & vitality. This natural herbal blend horminizes skin beautifully and adds a nature antiseptic boost.
  • Dramatically decreases oil production 
    Balances skins water/lipid/oil ratio 
  • Normalizes oil production
  • Visibly eliminate that greasy look and feel 
  • Visibly reduces skin redness and blotchiness
  • Natural antibacterial herbal blend
  • Calms both sensitivities and irritation to skin
Use: Rise & Rest as a "Moisture Booster" add 5 - 6 drops into a dime sized amount of M.D.R. Moisturizer, mix together in palm of hand, apply all over.         
Directly on skin: 1st apply Future Youth, Moisture Enter-Lock then Focus Blend. Finish with M.D.R. Moisturizer.
Experience: Can be used as a natural moisturizer in place of a cream. 
For skins that tend to be dry/normal however, come summer, as heat stimulates increase oil production and you get that greasy look (yuck) add 5 - 6 drops into M.D.R.11  and Focus Blend comes to the rescue.