Eye-Dration Eye & Lip Cream Declare Your Future Double Portion 1 oz.

Eye-Dration Eye & Lip Cream Declare Your Future Double Portion 1 oz.

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Eyemazing! An Extraordinary Approach to Restore Youthful Eyes & Lips 

This luxurious Eye Cream delicately melts into your skin absorbing in seconds. Supports all aging demands of the Eye & Lip areas. Mimics the appearance of younger skin by visibly volumizing hollows, visibly diminishes the appearance of lines and wrinkles, reduces dark circles in about 6 weeks, visibly improves the appearance of under eye bags, and crepe skin. Strengthens skins fibroblast to firm and tighten skin. Say goodbye to perioral lip lines. 

  • Visible reduces existing signs of aging
  • Visibly firms & tightens skin
  • Diminishes the appearance of dark circles
  • Liposome Delivery Infusion multivitamin cocktail for radical hydration and nourishment 
  • Visibly minimizes the appearance of perioral upper lip lines
  • Dramatically increases volume to a thinned skin
  • Visibly diminishes lines, wrinkles, and crepe skin
  • Visibly reduces puffiness, under eye bags  
  • Glycosaminoglycans water binding epidermal skin filler
  • Superoxide Dismutase said by science to be the most profound free radical destroyer

Use Rise & Rest everyday. 1st apply Future Youth and Moisture Enter-Lock. Finish with Eye-Dration Eye & Lip Cream applied to: under eyes and lids, lips, upper lip, and sides of mouth. LeAine's secret: Stop using straws!!! They cause the same action as a smoker, contributing to perioral upper lip lines.
Experience: For overnight radical hydration, apply liberally to under eyes. For all day conditioning of extremely dry under eyes & lips use 14 day recovery balmé on lips over eye and lip cream.