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Sera`Crem Serum Potency Eye Cream Limited Edition 1 Oz

Sera`Crem Serum Potency Eye Cream Limited Edition 1 Oz

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Serum Potency Time Released Liposomal Retinol A + Niacinamide + Hyaluronic Acid + Ceramides

For Youthful Eyes + Mouth + Neck

Discover the power of Serum Potency Sera’Crem and witness its capacity to firm & illuminate your skin! This new discovery in science propels micro circulation energy for visibly full of life skin to the vulnerable area’s signs of aging first appears. Time Released Liposomal Vitamin A revives your skin all day from the moment you apply, to when your ready to call it a night; eliminating that worn out appearance, reduces signs of aging + brilliantly revives cellular renewal. A slight warmth & tingle may be felt as Sera`Crem creates energy flow visibly reducing, fine lines + deepened wrinkles + puffiness + bags + dark circles, and crepe dull skin. Sera`Crem, so unique I had to create it's own realm of a skincare title! Delicately melts into your skin absorbing in seconds. Say goodbye to perioral (upper) lip lines and visibly lessens deepened nasolabial folds (sides of mouth). 

  • Visible reduces existing signs of aging
  • Creates micro-circulation energy that empowers the skin tissue to become radiant and to flush fluid buildup that can lead to puffiness
  • Brilliant re~volumizer helps reduce purple undertone from thinning skin and blood vessels become visible on your skin’s surface 
  • Hyaluronic Acid  water-binding epidermal skin filler + multiplies moisture
  • Visibly firms & tightens skin
  • Time Released Liposomal Retinol A works throughout the day. Visibly reduces fine lines, deepened wrinkles. Increases cellular renewal that slows as we age
  • Visibly eliminates crepey skin of the neck
  • Visibly minimizes perioral (upper lip lines)
  • Visibly lessens deepened nasolabial folds (sides of mouth)
  • Dramatically increases volume to a thinned skin
  • Visibly diminishes lines, wrinkles, and crepe skin
  • Visibly reduces puffiness + under eye bags  
  • Naicinamide Vitamin B3 visibly improves skin resilience, improves skin tone & evenness, boost skins repair mechanism, helps skin repair past damages causing your skin to become dull, lifeless. Restores skin's radiance 
Use Rise & Rest 1st apply Future Youth and Moisture Enter-Lock. Apply Sera'Crem to:under eyes, lids & brow bone,upper lip, sides of mouth and down neck. Let dry about 15 seconds. Finish with M.D.R. Cream to face, around eyes, neck & decolletage'.  
LeAine's secret: Stop using straws!!! They cause the same action as a smoker, contributing to perioral upper lip lines.
Experience: For overnight radical hydration, apply liberally for an amazing hydration "soaking"!