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Skin Breather The "Peel"

Skin Breather The "Peel"

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 Transforms + Propels Youthful Skin Cells + Gorgeousness 
In our youth skin cells rejuvenate in a cycle of 28 to 31 days. As young as our late 20s early 30s it drastically changes to average 45 to 90 days. Skin Breather Deep Peel fortifies a youthful cell cycle revealing “younger” cells at all times!  In 4 weeks you’ll experience a dramatic change in skins vibrancy + clarity + visible younger looking skin. A complex of fruit enzymes + fruit acids + algae peptides to completely transform your skin healthy! Feels like my skin can BREATHE........... Enjoy the experience, Leaine

Benefits: Exfoliation is your #1 tool for Anti-Aging and a Clearly Fresh complexion! Dead skin cell "buildup" is called a "buildup" because it is layers deep, covering the skin's surface like a blanket. This blanket

  • clogs pores/follicles
  • is very porous like a sponge, will suck up precious (expensive ingredients) and suspend them at the skins surface; ultering products ability to penetrate deep within where skin needs it
  • slows skins turn over metabolism "rejuvenating response" which naturally occurs as we age; instead lets turbo-charge it!

Unlike scrubs, I call surface dusting, Skin Breather Deep Peel removes layers of dead skin cells optimizing skins ability for incredible Transformations! 

  • Immediately re-textures skin with an incomparable baby softness
  • Stimulates skin to mimic a youthful metabolism
  • Astonishing improvement of penetration of active ingredients
  • Increases skins cellular renewal to reveal younger cells
  • Within 1 week you’ll notice a dramatic improvement of the appearance of fine lines, deepend lines, and a clearer complexion
  • Blackheads will begin to disappear before your eyes!
  • Powerful defense against acneic skin
  • Empowers a closer shave
  • Dramatically improves facial ingrown hairs
  • Helps soothe razor rash + bumps 


Use:Rise or Rest your choice 4 times a week! Apply to freshly cleansed damp skin. Let sit 3-7 minutes to activate, rub around and rinse. Can be used on entire face and neck. Use lightly around the eye area. Follow with masque treatment.

Experience: Feels like a scrub but it is not! Round beads only act as a buffer to lift dissolved layers from peel off the surface of skin. Remember to rub quickly in circles before rinsing.