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Eyemazing Erase Licorice Wrinkle Wrecker for Eyes & Lips

Eyemazing Erase Licorice Wrinkle Wrecker for Eyes & Lips

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A global first, cellular renewal dedicated to ageless eyes (and lips). Within minutes, revives & mimics youth by revealing younger cells. Visible fine lines & crape skin disappears, deeper lines dramatically not so deep! A game changer in aging well.
  • Suddenly eliminates the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles
  • Visible eliminates crepe skin under eyes & lids  
  • Visible eliminates upper lip lines (feather lines) 
  • Smooths the skin around the eye & lip area
  • Increases circulation
  • Increases absorption of ingredients
  • Concealer glides on like silk, eliminating creasing  
  • Licorice Root beautiful anti inflammatory responder
  • Helps prevent lipstick from bleeding into upper lip lines
Renew:  2x's a week. Best when you Rise. The mornings you use Eyemazing Erase, do not use SeraCrem Eye Cream, use your M.D.R. Cream; resume Sera’Crem by evening or next day. Apply to cleansed  areas of under eyes, lids & brow area, lips, upper lip & peri-oral lines (sides of mouth).Activate peel 3 - 5 minutes.Remove with Sponge Theory Cleansing Sponges, vigorously over lips to remove access dead skin build-up. 
Experience: Warning, a complete addiction! In my Skinsations Spa we include with every facial to transform eyes & lips with stunning results!