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Sera`Crem for Eyes Gel + Serum + Cream Limited Edition 1 Oz

Sera`Crem for Eyes Gel + Serum + Cream Limited Edition 1 Oz

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Eyemazing! Time Released Liposomal Retinol A + Niacinamide + Hyaluronic Acid + Ceramides

Age Well! For Youthful Eyes & Lips 

As Sera’Crem absorbs watch, you will see it tighten your skin! Liberates a divine surge of micro circulation energy for visibly full of life skin. Time Released throughout the day Liposomal Vitamin A reduces signs of aging + revives cellular renewal. A slight warmth & tingle may be felt as energy flows visibly reducing, fine lines, deepened wrinkles, puffiness, bags, dark circles, and crepe dull skin. What an eye opener! Sera`Crem, so unique I had to create it's own realm of a skincare title! Delicately melts into your skin absorbing in seconds. Say goodbye to perioral (upper) lip lines and visibly lessens deepened nasolabial folds (sides of mouth). 

  • Visible reduces existing signs of aging
  • Creates micro-circulation energy that empowers the skin tissue to become radiant and to flush fluid build that can lead to puffiness
  • Hyaluronic Acid  water binding epidermal skin filler + multiplies moisture
  • Visibly firms & tightens skin
  • Diminishes the appearance of dark circles
  • Time Released Liposomal Retinol A works throughout the day. Visibly reduces fine lines, deepened wrinkles. Increases cellular renewal that slows as we age
  • Visibly minimizes perioral (upper lip lines)
  • Visibly lessens deepened nasolabial folds (sides of mouth)
  • Dramatically increases volume to a thinned skin
  • Visibly diminishes lines, wrinkles, and crepe skin
  • Visibly reduces puffiness + under eye bags  
  • Naicinamide Vitamin B3 visibly improves skin resilience, improves skin tone & evenness, boost skins repair mechanism, helps skin repair past damages causing your skin to become dull, lifeless. Restores your skin's radiance 
Use Rise & Rest 1st apply Future Youth and Moisture Enter-Lock. Apply Sera'Crem to:under eyes, lids & brow bone,upper lip, and sides of mouth. Let dry about 15 seconds. Finish with M.D.R. Cream to face, around eyes, neck & decolletage'.  
LeAine's secret: Stop using straws!!! They cause the same action as a smoker, contributing to perioral upper lip lines.
Experience: For overnight radical hydration, apply liberally for an amazing hydration "soaking"!