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PURIFY “SKIN DETOX” PASTE A Revelation for Vibrant Skin Health + Brightness

PURIFY “SKIN DETOX” PASTE A Revelation for Vibrant Skin Health + Brightness

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Serum Potency  "Skin Detox" Masque Therapy 

A miracle in a jar, not kidding! Pollution Particles absorbs in your skin wreaking havoc. My "Skin Detox” ritual I created to pull toxins & pollution particles not just out of pore/follicles but from your skins surface tissue. A mineral softening formula stunning for its ability to transform every skin type at every age! With its audacious list of benefits and your desire for gorgeous skin…….. open the jar, open your possibilities! Leaine 
  • Visible skin will Radiate a Fresh Glow & Brightness
  • Revitalizes dull skin
  • Restores skin's clarity
  • Visible reduces pore/follicle size
  • As an overnight "spot" treatment, greatest disappearing act ever!
  • Dramatically reduces bumps and uneven texture
  • Ultra-concentrated mineral rich bentonite clay leaves a Silky feel
  • Detoxifies skin by lifting off "film" build ups
  • Improves active ingredients penetration 
  • Vanishes impurities, white/black heads
  • Prevents their recurrence 
  • Eliminates & Prevents breakouts 
  • Vital partner to any Acne program
Use: 1 - 3 x's a week. Immediately after Skin Breather. Apply generously to: entire face or T-Zone or areas effected by breakouts. Avoid close to eyes due to active pure peppermint.. Let sit 8-15 minutes, rinse. Secret Weapon: at night just before bed, dab a generous dollop over any "monsters" leave on overnight for a fabulous disappearing act.
Note from Leaine: Extremely active formula. We have witnessed for years with my Spa Professional Facials it's ability to transform skin. It's truly a game changer for every age & skin type.