Skinergy – Your Core System

Is your daily basics that will begin to change and transform your skin! My concepts are so uniquely different in every product that you often hear me say; "my products do not play nicely with others" (find out more on my Q & A page). If you are looking for a change in your skin and a product system to believe in then watch as you give your skin my "skinergy" approach to work together in balance redefining your complexion. And I have thousands of clients including  "A" listers who can testify that this has been the most amazing product line they have ever tried! 3 to 5 minutes twice a day. Maximum results in a minimal amount of time! Click on each product to order for your skin "type".


Completely water-soluble eye make-up remover and facial cleansers that eliminate the use of a drying toner. Never alters your skins natural PH acidic mantle. This water-soluble approach also with my Eye-Dration Eye Make-Up Remover eliminates any clogging ingredients into the eyelash follicle; watch as you begin to notice your lashes grow longer and thicker naturally. Clogging from ingredients is one of the culprits to why lash growth formulas where developed.  Global cleansers that will keep your skins acidic PH balance any where you travel world wide. If your cleansers strip your skin into an alkaline PH (that dry tight feeling after cleansing) it takes your skin an average of 45 to 90 minutes to rebalance your skin back to an acidic PH. During this time your skin has a hard time holding in moisture (evaporating ) the biggest culprit to feeling you just can not seem to find a cream that works well with your skin.  This drying effect from cleansers for an oily skin is why you are using a cleanser for oily skin but still have oily skin; when you strip your skin your skin produces more oil to compensate for the lack of natural moisture you  just stripped away. As you can now understand better cleansers start a lot of  problems right from the beginning.

Liquid Hydration - Future Youth Anti-Aging Serum

There are a lot of "anti-aging"  "age defying" creams to choose from. How ever creams sit on the surface of the skin yet we are taught they penetrate. I'm confused are you? Creams are extremely vital for the health , youthfulness and protection from our environment so choose wisely! I believe the best for a superior anti-aging product is one that penetrates below the surface of the skin meaning it can actually penetrate to the cellular level where needed  and be multi-functional to cause and see change in your skins improvement. I also believe that aging skin has multiple needs not just for  "a" super duper ingredient that is everything your skin needs (that miracle ingredient does not exist), anti-oxidants or skin firmers or skin plumper's (which by the way stretch your skin giving you a look of less wrinkles not actually improving them). So I created 2 multi-functional "Liquid Hydration" products; Future Youth an anti-aging to age well liquid serum that from the first application you will see disappears into your skin. Working on every level to support an aging skin
  •  Strengthens skin elasticity for firmness
  •  Enhances collagen production suggested to slow  the acceleration of aging skin cells
  • SOD suggested as the strongest anti-oxidant known to science
  • Hylauronate acid binds 1000 times it weight in water for superior lasting hydration
  • A multitude of herbs and vitamins to nourish and sooth sensitivities
  • All in a liposome delivery system for maximum penetration.  And these are just a few of our action ingredients
  • Maximum performance for every level of your skin's needs! Your results will be amazing.

Liquid Hydration - Moisture Enter-Lock Liquid Moisturizer

I call this the "skin food". Part 2 of my "liquid hydration" therapy. We use a moisture cream to seal in nourishment and moisture that is lacking in the first place. Moisture Enter-Lock is a liquid moisturizer with; liquid vitamins, herbs, minerals, anti-oxidants to again penetrate into your skins tissue. Now you have something other than tap water to seal into your skin  with your moisture cream. Moisture Enter-Lock activates the hylauronate acid in Future Youth that creates 1000 times more moisture binders for an unparallel hydrated skin.  When using Moisture Enter-Lock with an oily or very oily complexion it has an amazing reverse action. By increasing your water moisture levels it causes your skin to naturally slow down oil production. Oily skin is usually being abused by product that "dry" oil. Unfortunately it also dries water moisture from your skin so your skin produces more oil to compensate for the lack of water. For those with dry skin you know that the dryer your skin the thicker your moisture cream gets, yet you still have a dry skin condition. Why? not enough moisture from your "cream" can get into your skin, it just sits on top. Moisture Enter-Lock the penetrating moisturizer!


Nothing like anything else available! Why? Although most creams have an abundance of great ingredients (hopefully) they also usually have one or more of these ingredients: oils, waxes or silicones. I call this use of ingredients  the "BLANKET'. These blankets lay over the skin to physically trap moisture into the skin.  It's the way we've been moisturizing for decades and it doesn't work! Look in the mirror. It sounds proper to "seal" in moisture however this "sealing" has a list of negative side effects. As these ingredients (oils, waxes or silicones) lay over your skin like a blanket they
  • can clog your pores and follicles
  • can prevent ingredients from penetrating
  • create black & white heads and those tiny bumps
  • can slow skins renewal rate (metabolism)
  • can make your skin look dull dingy and lifeless (no dewy glow or well hydrated look)
  • can create that  fabulous oily shine through the day , yuk!

Think of taking a piece of cellophane and after cleansing your skin wrapping the cellophane over your face to "seal" and maintain the water in your skin, see my point? There is a much better way then to "BLANKET" your skin. It's with the use a humectants (I use humectants in many of my products). Humectants are like moisture "MAGNETS" that can bind and hold a 1000 times their weight in moisture. Unlike a "BLANKET" laying over your skin, humectants are invisible to the touch and lets your skin breath. I have always taught my clients: the thicker and heavier the cream the less it can penetrate. Wait till you hear this! My M.D.R. 1 & 2 are a 5 in 1 cream. All in one :face cream, eye cream, neck cream, day cream and night cream. It does not get any easier then this! I could go on and on with their multi-tasking but I'll leave that up to you to read and learn when you receive my product booklet.

Skin Breather

Fabulous, Fabulous Fabulous This will become one of your most important products you'll use!  Feels like a scrub but it's a peel. Using a combination of fruit enzymes and acids. Dead skin cell build up is called a build up because it is layers deep. By simply using a scrub, at home "micro-dermabrasion "(sorry, its a fancy scrub) scratchy puff, loffa oh the many things we've tried,: as you rub these over the skin they can only act as a duster. Lightly dusting off the "surface" often irritating your skin with very little results. My Skin Breather Peel activates on your skin dissolving every layer of "dead skin cell build up" to revitalize a silky smooth skin glowing as new skin is revealed. Within weeks black heads will begin to disappear. Dramatically improves penetration of products and cell turn over making your skin act and look younger. Unlike a face or eye cream with A.H.A's or glycolic acid that are left on your skin for long periods of time they can begin to irritate, dry and even thin the skin. The last thing we want as we age is thinner skin. Skin Breather, because it activates and completes its mission in minutes while your in the shower (multi-tasking) its not left on your skin to cause any irritating side effects. The rounded beads can not scratch or irritate your skin, unlike a scrub these beads do not exfoliate they act as a buffer to whisk away what got dissolved from the peel. Amazing results! Amazing skin!

Starter Kits

Ready to get started without busting your budget? I thought so! Travel, weekend get away or going to the gym?  Each size is take on board friendly in a clear travel tote that will also hold your toothbrush, q-tips or whatever else you need.

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