Focus Blend
Holistic Facial Synergy Blend
Ministers to the intense needs of congested skin. Acts as a natural antiseptic and balances oil/water ratio. Oily skin produces oil to compensate for the lack of water moisture. Truly a miracle worker. Nature to the rescue!
Client Benefits:
Brings balance to skins-water/lipid/oil ratio which in turn will slow oil production, helps eliminate greasy look and feel to skin, helps reduce redness to skin, natural antibacteria agents, calms both sensitivities and irritation to skin
To Use:
To Use: AS MOISTURIZER: Use Future Youth & Moisture Enter-Lock first. Apply a pea-sized amount to palm of hands, smooth over entire face, neck and decoletage. AS AN ADDITIVE: Add pea-sized amount into individual application of face cream, foundation, masque, or massage cream. Add quarter size into body cream and apply.

$95 2 oz

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