Rose Garden & Tea Leaf
Holistic Facial Synergy Blend
If your skin looks matte, lackluster, ashy and blah; then this blend is for you. This skin is simply lacking circulation, a wonderful gift with age. When you look in the mirror you'll say, "you glow girl". Nature to the rescue!
Client Benefits:
Increases skin circulation and metabolism, helps to stimulate cellular regeneration, mega nurishment, increases oxygenation to skin tissue, brings balance to skins-water/lipid/oil ratio, mega hydration, soothing to skin stresses, softens look of mature wrinkled skin
To Use:
To Use: AS MOISTURIZER: Use Future Youth & Moisture Enter-Lock first. Apply pea-sized amount into palm of hands, smooth over entire face, neck, and decolletage. AS AN ADDITIVE: Add pea-sized amount into individual application of face cream, foundation, masque or massage cream. Add quarter size into body cream and apply.

$95 2 oz

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