Moist Wanted
Holistic Facial Synergy Blend
Brings nurishment and oxygenation to the deeper levels of the skin tissue. Helps combat stresses to the skin from environmental assaults, diet, medications, etc. Created for our clients who suffer from more than just water dehydration, this formula is a must for those who are pre, post and peri menopausal during which women suffer from all three levels of dehydration 'Water, lipids and natural oil production'. Extremly soothing to skin, reduces florid redened skin, minimizes inflamation and broken capularies, sooths eczema and rosesa.
Client Benefits:
Repairs dehydrated, sensitive, and irritated skin. Strengthens capillary walls which begins to remove redness. Perfect for after medi-spa therapies, chemotherapy, weather changes, intense medical effects, pre/peri/post menopausal skin. Nature to the rescue!
To Use:
To use: AS MOISTURIZER: Use Future Youth and Moisture Enter-Lock first. Apply pea-sized amount to palm of hands, smooth over entire face, neck, and decolletage. AS AN ADDITIVE: Add pea-sized amount into individual application of face cream, foundation, masque, or massage cream. Add quarter size into body cream and apply.

$95 2 oz

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