'The' Sun Defender
Designed for those who have a love-hate relationship with sunscreens!
This amazing lightweight anti-aging formula introduces a total approach to sun and environmental protection. This broad spectrum sunscreen shields your skin from uv rays due to micronized zinc oxide, vitamins and anti-oxidants. “The” Sun Defender helps to de-stress sensitive skin with a powerful blend of green tea and aloe vera.
Client Benefits:
Light weight, non-greasy does not stink! You'll never try another sun screen again. This is the best!!!
To Use:
Apply 10 minutes before sun exposure to face and body or 5 minutes before applying makeup. Reapply after water sports or excessive perspiration. Use every morn-ing year round. Last step in your daily skincare system in the following order: Future Youth, Moisture Enter-Lock, M.D .R I or II wait 2-3 minutes then apply “The” Sun Defender .
LeAine's anti-aging secret: Sunscreen is your best defense to avoid age spots and pigmentation problems. Everyday year round apply “The” Sun Defender to face, neck, cleavage area and back of hands.

$52 4 oz

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