Body Breather - Spa Blend
Deep Peel Exfoliant
Although this will feel like a scrub it is way beyond that. This a peel for your body. This deep body peel is unlike a scrub (which can only do a surface dusting). This body peel removes layers of dead skin cell buildup, smoothing your skin to a level no scrubs are possible of achieving. Combing a power of nature and ocean using Bladder Wack (an enzyme from the ocean), micro-algae, seaweed, kelp, vitamins & herbs to rehabilitate your body's skin to a youthful luster. Absolutely delicious!
Client Benefits:
a. Contains a high level of natural seaweed to gently exfoliate surface cells, creating a silky smooth texture b. Pure essential oils and herbal extracts aid in the hydration of the skin c. Helps to eliminate the rough and bumpy feeling on the sides of the arms d. Prepares the skin for better penetration of the Body Essential Cream e Re-texturizes the skin to silky smoothness f. Helps eliminate ingrown hairs; caused from shaving or waxing g. Helps eliminate razor rash from bikini line
To Use:
Apply a quarter-sized amount or more in hands or on a loofah mit. Massage over wet body; concentrating on areas of extra roughness, such as arms, knees and feet. Rinse thoroughly. Additional Uses: Always use the Body Breather before applying a self-tanner and before shaving or waxing legs. You will obtain a heightened smoothness, and ingrown hairs will be lifted.
Body peel action is with bladder-wrack, not just exfoliating beads.

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