Deep Peel
This may feel like a scrub, it's not! This is a PEEL. The complex of fruit enzymes, acids & algea peptides dissolve every layer of the "build-up" smoothing your skin to a level no typical scrubs can achieve! Instantly you will have a soft & smoother glowing complexion., Over time black heads, bumps, and breakouts will vanish. Rough texture gone! Increases your skins respiratory action for cellular turn over & skin vibrancy. One of our most effective tools for both anti-aging & a clearer complexion. Can't live without this product!
Client Benefits:
The complexion you always knew you could have!
To Use:
After cleansing apply in circular motions to a dampened skin, let activate 3-5 minutes rub in circular motions to allow granules to lift off what peel dissolved, rinse and be amazed! Use 3x's a week (best in shower, steam helps activate) on face, neck, decolletage' and top of hands. For radically clearer skin, use Purifying Paste, or for mega hydration and firming use Saving Face masque immediately after.
Feels like a scrub but it is not! Round beads only act as a buffer to lift dissolved layers from peel off the surface of skin. Remember to rub quickly in circles before rinsing.

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