Purifying Paste Mineral & Pure Peppermint Masque
Detox Purging Paste a Masque Therapy
Miracle in a jar?This masque will give your skin a clear, bright, glowing transformation! Detoxing is essential for every skin to eliminate "build-ups" that accumulate, clogging pores/follicles creating that dull, bumpy, congested, oily, broken out skin. Using nature's ingredients right from the soil, this mineral rich clay masque with pure peppermint is correctly PH balanced acidic, never allowing that dried out mess! Removing buildup allows ingredients to penetrate better, taking your skin to a brighter future. Can also be used as a spot treatment overnight.
Client Benefits:
Large pores? LeAine has over two decades of experience watching skin respond to a topical purification & teaches that if your elasticity is in good condition and you get the garbage out of your pores/follicles they will begin to shrink in size. Pore size is not hereditary, oily skin is. It is oil flow and clogged follicles that stretch the pores. Though oily skin is hereditary, LeAine can completely correct that(along with Daily Cleanser 2 & Action Wash). Her entire skincare system never alters, changes, or disrupts your acidic PH balance which is almost always done with every cleanser on the market.
To Use:
Always use after Skin Breather. You will feel masque go from cold to warm. Problem skin: 3 times a week until clear. Apply a thick layer all over or just T-Zone avoiding eye area. Let sit 5-12 minutes, rinse. For a quickened detox use 7-14 days straight with Skin Breather (as directed by your professional). Dry/normal skin or to maintain clear skin use 2 - 4 times a month. Spot treat, over moisturizer before bed dab paste over those monsters and let set overnight. For extreme hydration and anti-aging use in conjunction with SAVING FACE MASQUE.
Ultra concentrated weekly booster! LeAine call this the skin's vacuum in a jar.

$52 1.9 oz

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