Moisture Enter-Lock
Multiplies Moisture
A moisture activator that both adds humectants (moisture magnets) and activates humectants in Leaine's serum, masque & moisturizer formulas. This intense humectant formula bonds to water molecules to multiply skins water source . Created with MOIST 24, a revolutionary ingredient that sustains water supplies for 24 hours! Forming a "water well" deep within your skin. MOIST 24 eliminates the moisture deficit (evaporation) that naturally increases throughout the day, also making Moisture Enter-Lock your best travel companion! A radical humectant solution creates a sustainable moisture habitat within your skin, in any environment Globally. Protects from occurring assaults of pollution!
Client Benefits:
Brings moisturization to a whole new level. Profound to skin health. Revolutionary in thought and results! MOIST 24 ~ Creates water supplies & moisturizes the epidermis for 24 hours. ~ sustains skin in a moisture "habitat" ~ potassium enriched that will naturally increase skin volume by plumping skin cells (larger cell cytoplasm). Phyko AI-PF ~ co-factor of EGF which activates epidermal stem cells for skin repair. ~ protects skin from inflammatory reactors that can cause redness in skin such as hormones, stress, diet,allergies, pollution, and travel to name a few. ~ Hyaluronic Acid is nature's most powerful water magnet! It can hold 1000 times its own weight in water, why it can increase moisture. With it's magnet binding power it prevents moisture loss.
To Use:
Twice a day Rise & Rest. Spray over face & neck or into hands, pat into skin and around eyes. Apply before face or body cream. Amazing recovery for crepy skin of the body especially arms & legs. Spray into damp hair at ends before applying other hair leave-ins. Spray throughout the day as needed, while on flights longer then 3 hours.
I create necessary & unique approaches to skin health. Enjoy, Leaine

$89 5 oz

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