Moisture Enterlock Liquid Hydration Therapy
Penetrating Liquid Moisturizer
A deeper way of doing things. My amazing approach to liquid hydration therapy is designed to drench your skin deep down, abundantly saturating your skin with aloe vera, vitamins, herbs, anti-oxidents and plant extracts. Moisture Enter-Lock is in a liquid formula for deep absorption. Moisture Enter-Lock is rich in panthenol for cell renewal and to stop moisture from evaporating; binding moisture into skin. Lavender, aloe vera and allantoin calms skin sensitivities and delivers deep down nourishment. First we feed the skin (Moisture Enter-Lock) then our moisturizer to seal and protect.
Client Benefits:
Liquid hydration therapy! Unlike a cream this liquid moisturizer penetrates deep below the skins surface! Deep down moisture, nourishment and anti-oxidants.
To Use:
Spritz over Future Youth, close eyes , spr itz over entire face and neck. Gently pat into skin over eyes and eye lashes. While damp follow with proper M.D.R. to seal in benefits. Use am and pm. For every skin “type”. LeAine’s beauty tips and anti-aging secrets: After shaving to soothe irritations. Spray frequently on sunburned skin, spray on dry hair to add strength and moisture. A great pick-me-up is to spritz over make-up as needed to rehydrate skin. Spray Moisture Enter-Lock onto pressed cotton pads. Place soaked cotton pads into a ziplock bag - place in refrigerator. In morning, lay cool eyepads over eyes to instantly relieve puffiness. Moisture Enter-Lock TM
For every skin "type".

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