Maximum Daily Requirement II
Confused & Oily Skin
Results driven to achieve balance & clarity to confused skin. Using the science of multiple liposomes, this lotion works IN your skin not ON your skin. Vitamins A,C & E (liposome) with beta-carotene (liposome) to restore health to malnutritioned skin; one of the leading culprits of confused skin. Soy phospholipids & science's most advanced humectant silver ear mushrooms, restores lipid/water barrier to correct overactive oil production. Since confused skin cannot maintain correct water/lipid balance, your skin produces excessive oil to try to compensate, correction is achieved. SOD (liposome) is suggested as the most powerful anti-oxidant to protect skin cells from damage. With a buffet of earth's herbs; green tea, licorice root, sage for calming redness/irritation and nature's antiseptics: ylang ylang & orange peel. MDR II is a breakthrough to achieve clear & balanced skin.
Client Benefits:
The moisturizer that helps your skin deal with every thing it faces daily. Environment assaults, lack of nutrition, balancing proper water hydration needs, sensitivites & irritations. Penetrates like no other moisturizer you have experienced before! All active ingredients in lipisome form.
To Use:
ALWAYS start with LeAine's water soluble cleansers. The first of their kind that leave no invisible residues, the leading cause of confused skin! After cleansing, apply first Future Youth (if prescribed) and Moisture Enter-Lock. While damp apply a pea-sized amount to entire face, neck, lips and eye area AM & PM, enjoy!
For intense problem solving also use Prone Zone (clear skin remedy) and Purifying Paste Masque.

$75 1.7 oz

$185 5 oz

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