Action Cleanse
Purifying Clay Wash with Tea-Tree
An unbelievable clay cleanser that helps control oil, eliminate congestion and breakouts. Mineral-rich clay to naturally absorb oil and purge deeper embedded impurities. Your skin will become refreshed with a cool sensation of natural menthol to calm and sooth inflammation and redness. Formulated with tea tree oil for its amazing effect as a natural anti-bacterial agent. Action Wash will not disrupt the skin's pH acidic balance. Completely water soluble, leaving no invisible residues that clog and coat your skin so NO toner is ever needed. Daily use will promote a healthy looking clearer complexion.
Client Benefits:
What, no toner after I cleanse? Thatís right! All cleansers were developed to be completely water-soluble leaving no invisible residues on your skin. This eliminates the use of an often drying toner. My cleansers will not change the delicate pH acidic balance of your skin. So they thoroughly cleanse without stripping, leaving your skin fresh, purified and soft. Your senses will be invigorated from the refreshing essences of organic essential oils. The use of these plant, fruit, and floral extracts will leave your skin radiant! Enjoy.
To Use:
Warm a nickel-sized amount of cleanser in wet hands. Gently massage over entire face and neck avoiding the delicate eye area (use Eye-Dration, Eye Make-up Remover). Rinse with warm water and cellulose sponges. Repeat second cleansing at night. Let sit for 30 seconds for extra oil absorption. For extreme detox use Purifying Paste Masque.
Why cleanse twice at night? 1st Cleanse: To remove oil, dirt and makeup. 2nd Cleanse: To cleanse the skin. When you need a boost for extra cleansing alternate a stronger cleanser at night and a more mild cleanser in the morning.

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