Starter Skin Care Kit - Dry/Sensitivity
I don't know of any skin care line that was not designed to work as a synergy. Do yourself a favor. For maximum benefits and results, when trying a new skin care line, use everything and as directed. Try our starter kits to let you experience your full maximum results. * Future YouthTM * Eye-DrationTM - Eye Make-up Remover * Daily Cleanser * Moisture Enter-LockTM * Skin BreatherTM * Maximum Daily RequirementTM * Saving FaceTM * Sun DefenderTM * Sponges - non tugging * CD - Making Skincare Make Sense.
Client Benefits:
My "Skinergy" approach for guaranteed success! Our travel kit is convenient, for vacations or the gym. Each bottle in our travel kit is made of highly durable plastic designed for travel and refill.
To Use:
See individual product page.

$199 Travel/Starter size   SOLD OUT>

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