Eye-Dration Eye Make-Up Remover
Extremely Gentle Eye Make-up Remover with white tea
A unique formula rich with wheat protein helps strengthen brittle, dry lashes and the delicate tissue of the eye area. Aloe vera gel and White Tea is used to sooth away stress and irritations. This water-soluble gel completely rinses off, leaving no residues to seep into eyes causing that swollen, puffy effect in the mornings. In approximately 3 months, you’ll notice improvement with lashes not falling out as much, as well as longer healthier lashes. This formula has no oils or waxes. Eye- Dration will not clog into the eyelash follicle cutting off nutrients to lashes which causes lash fall out.
Client Benefits:
Leaves no residue to seep into eyes causing that swollen puffy effects in the mornings.
To Use:
Apply a pea-sized amount to clean wet fingertips. Gently massage over eye area and lashes for about 15 seconds. Please remove with my natural cellulose sponges to avoid tugging and pulling on delicate tissue. Fold sponge in half to get under the upper lash line. Proper and thorough use of sponge helps avoid those morning black goo-balls in eye corners. Stinging can only occur when remover mixed with make-up seeps into eyes; proper use of sponges will avoid this.
Repeat for heavier types of mascara if needed.

$22 2 oz

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