Eye-Dration Cream
Eye and Lip Cream with multiple liposome delivery system and white tea
Ministers to all the vulnerabilities of the delicate eye and lip areas. Fades dark circles, hydrates, nourishes, reduces under eye bags and puffiness and firms sagging, lined skin. Powerful blend of organic essential oils: ginger root, roman chamomile, geranium and clary sage just to name a few.
Client Benefits:
a. Reduces dark circles by as much as 21% in 8 weeks. (Glycosaminoglycans) b. Stimulates collagen and elastin production. (TRF) c. Destroys free radical damage. (Superoxide Dismutase,White Tea,Vitamins A,C & E) d. Light diffusers to reflect light away from lines and wrinkles e. Multiple liposomes carry action ingredients deep into skin tissue f. Repairs and stabilizes protective lipid barrier (Soy Phospholipids and Botaniceutical BR2) g. Multi-complex hydration system h. Promotes circulation (TRF) i. Prevents sagging, repairs tired and loose skin, bags and puffiness (DL Panthenol) j. Multi-vitamin formula (A,C & E) k. Helps prevent lipstick from bleeding into lip lines.
To Use:
Apply a.m. and p.m everyday over Future Youth and Moisture Enter-Lock to under eyes and lids, lips, upper lip (perioral), sides of mouth (nasal labial grooves). LeAine's secret: Stop using straws!!! They cause the same action as a smoker who used to be the only women who got those upper lip deep lines.
For extrem eye care needs use eye & lip masque as a leave on masque. Apply thin layer around eyes, let dry 20 seconds, apply eye cream. For all day conditioning of extremly dry lips use 14 day recovery balmé on lips over eye and lip cream.

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