Body Wash - Spa Blend
Botanical Cleanser for Every Skin Type
This indulgent Body Wash is ultra concentrated with organic herbal botanicals: meadowsweet, horsetail and linden just to name a few. Will soften, nourish and de-tox your skin. Your senses will become invigorated with pure essential oils of lavender, eucalyptus, and orange. All in a delicate harmony to maintain your skins natural pH acidic balance. Have a spa experience in your own home. Body Wash will not leave any coating or residue on the skin allowing better penetration of body cream.
Client Benefits:
A. A completely water soluble cleansing solution, perfectly acid balanced to maintain delicate skin. B. It is enriched with concentrated pure essential oils and extracts to soften and hydrate the skin without the use of heavy oils or waxes. C. Has an invigorating spa scent to give you the feel of a spa experience in your own home. D. Very Concentrated. This body wash goes a long way.
To Use:
Lather a quarter-sized amount in hands or on loofah mit. Massage over entire body and rinse. Additional Uses: Squeeze 1 teaspoon into running water for a relaxing bath. Use daily as a hand wash to help dry, sensitive hands. Can be used on the delicate areas of the body.
For an extra de-tox experience lather once quickly then again for a super suddsy sparkle.

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