Skin Brightening
The World's first Non-A.H.A., Non-Glycolic, Non-Chemical Skin Lightener Cocktail
Client Benefits:
Find yourself trying to hide pigmentation problems? Trying to bury them under mounds of makeup & concealer? No more! Now you can successfully treat pigmentation issues of all kinds. After years of clinical research this remarkable non-drying cocktail transforms your complexion of uneven coloring and dark spots into a radiant flawless toned, even, brighter skin. With this remarkable discovery of Melanostatine? (Peptide) and Tyrostat? (Plant) you will achieve both correction & protection of discoloration. Works on all forms of discoloration, dark spots (sun exposure, age & hormones), red spots (acne & scarring). Truly Amazing!
To Use:
Apply as 1st step in your routine. SHAKE WELL BEFORE EACH USE! Apply twice a day AM & PM to clean dry skin where needed; face, neck, d?colletage', top of hands. Let absorb 30 seconds before next step. This liquefying foam is designed for deeper penetration. Once you have achieved even skin tone, apply once a day AM or PM; every day or minimum 3 x's a week. You'll love this! You'll start seeing results in about 21 - 45 days.
With the discovery of two break through ingredients Melanostatine (peptide) and Tyrostat (nano plant technology) that we are the first to have and combine, we now have success with pigmentation problems. You won't believe your eyes...

$89 1.9oz

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