Body Breather - Everything's Just Peachy
Deep Peel Exfoliant
Although this will feel like a scrub it is way beyond that.This is a "Peel" for your body. This deep body peel is unlike a scrub (which can only do a surface dusting).
Client Benefits:
This body peel removes layers of dead skin cell buildup, smoothing your skin to a level no scrubs are of achieving. combining the power of nature & ocean using Bladder Wack (an enzyme from the ocean), micro algae's, seaweed, kelp, vitamins and herbs to rehabilitate your body's skin to a youthful luster. Absolutely delicious.
To Use:
After body wash stand back from steam of shower. Apply body breather to the entire body with hands or loofah gloves. Rinse immediately or let activate on body 1-5 minutes for an intense silly smoothness or hot date. Rub again in circular movements, rinse and enjoy. Additional Uses: As an intense hand and foot peel after washing apply body breather to damp skin let activate 1-5 minutes. Rub in circular movements, rinse. Use before shaving/waxing for that beautiful glow, applying self tanners for an even color. Wait 24 hours after shaving/waxing to help avoid ingrown hairs. Always take with you for your mani's and pedi's they won?t have anything like it.

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