Body Essential Cream lotion
To Hydrate and Repair Dry SkinFor every skin
Your body will never feel the same. Body Essential Cream is saturated with cellular tissue complexes, vitamins, aloe vera, plant extracts and herbs imported from Europe to give your body complexion the most advanced formula for hydration and nourishment. Body Essential Cream is designed to build a moisture reservoir under the skins surface. This will aid skin in maintaining a balanced moisture level at all times. Here’s to the feel and appearance of a youthful body complexion.
Client Benefits:
a. Contains a concentrated herbal complex: ivy, sambucus, arnica just to name a few, which effectively hydrates even the driest skin; leaving it soft and smooth b. Contains pure essential oils to moisturize and condition skin c. Non-greasy emulsion aid in quick absorption with immediate results d. Restores and Replenishes lipid level e. Doesn’t just sit on the the skin - it provides nourishment under the skins surface f. Long lasting g. Concentrated - a little goes a long way
To Use:
Massage over entire body every day after a bath or shower. You can also use again before bedtime on areas of extra dryness. Additional Uses: For the hands, as often as needed, as a foot cream and after prolonged sun exposure: gentle enough for baby's skin.
Will completely change your body complexion in 30 days.

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