Recovery Balme`
Complete recovery of creepy skin especially to under eyes, neck, decolletage`, and arms.
Originally designed to be used after laser resurfacing, this mega-powerful no water balme` is intense when dealing with dry skin. Sensitive and irritated skin will love this product! Shea butter and linoleic acid help to counteract dryness from hormonal imbalance. 14 Day Recovery Balmé combats stressed out skin with the help of ancient chinese extracts like ginseng, angelica and lotus just to name a few. This balmé treatment can also be helpful on burns (always consult your doctor first), cracked lips, chapped hands, rough elbows, knees, feet, dry cuticles and sunburns. 14 Day Recovery Balmé will even help avoid stretch marks from pregnancy. This formula activates with body heat.
Client Benefits:
Recoperates the most dry, sensitive of skins. Other uses: stretch marks, wrinkled hands, cracked feet, cuticles, lips, baby's butt, sunburned skin. The list goes on!
To Use:
First apply Future Youth then Moisture Enter-Lock and let dry. Apply a pea-sized amount in palm of hand, rub around to melt balmé. Apply to entire face, neck, lips, and eye area at night. LeAine’s beauty tips and anti-aging secrets: Can be used in the daytime if needed. Can be applied to eye area, lips and neck only at night. Don’t forget your cleavage area to help avoid and soften those deep cleavage lines. 14 Day Recovery Balmé is also great for diaper rash. A gritty texture may occur until completely melted with body heat. For hands and feet in need of extreme repair and transformation. Seal in balmé over night with white cotton gloves for hands and white cotton socks for feet. For a more intense eye area treatment, use Eye- Dration Eye and Lip Cream. 14 Day Recovery Balmé is your best defense during high winds and indoor heating.
14 Day Recovery Balmé can take months to cure. If we run out it’s worth the wait.

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