Step 1 Cleanse
Eye-Dration eye make-up (pm)
and cleanser am and pm
Step 2 Future Youth
use am and pm 29 years and older.  Under 29 use morning only
Step 3 Moisture Enter-Lock
use am and pm
Step 4 Moisturizer and Eye-Dration eye and lip cream
use am and pm
Step 5 Sunscreen
morning only

* 3 times a week - Skin Breather, Masque, Eye-Dration eye and lip peel and Eye-Dration eye and lip masque

Note:  Why is it important to do your program in the morning?  Answer:  Preventative aging.  Feed your skin twice a day, not once.  Using your program only once a day is like feeding your body only once a day.

Economical to Use: You will soon become aware that the LeAine Dehmer Clinical Skincare system is ultra concentrated. A little goes a long way. You will be amazed how long your products will last. Not to mention the generous sizes. When was the last time you saw an 8oz. size cleanser at the department stores? Most of my products have a corresponding “spa” size for maximum value.

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